Friday, March 25, 2011

Nanna Øland Fabricius - Oh Land is the future of music

Not just a pretty face gents. 
Danish singer/songwriter and former ballerina (of the Royal Swedish and Russian Ballet) Nanna Øland Fabricius, or better know as 'Oh Land' is breaking through all boundaries of today's popular music. What exactly is it that makes her such a big hit? For most people (ie. the 6 million viewers of "Son of a Gun") it's her completely 'out there' music videos....fantastical landscapes and crazy dancing. 
Perhaps it's her slightly accented floaty voice, come-hither (yet insinuating innocence) look, and lets not forget the tall graceful form that only a ballerina can have. 

For me, it's her unmistakable sincerity and love for what she does that comes through in her videos and performance. Also the fact that she does nothing to induce sex appeal (ass shaking and such) and yet you can't your eyes off her. She's sexy without trying too hard to be. How many female performers can do that these days? In a world where Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black are thought to be 'music artists', this may give humanity some hope that there still is a sense of order in the world, and good music is still out there. 

But the main reason why she's such a hit, I think, is the fact that she's different in the right way. Her music is different, her videos are so different you cant look away, and her mixture of classical dance moves with her own quirky style is different. But like I said: different in the right way. 

Still not convinced?


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